About Us

“Art is coming face to face with yourself,” whether it is through an oil painting or an NFT. To portray the modernization and uniqueness of contemporary ideas, we have chosen to develop eccentric and aesthetic NFT collections. These collections are unique in taste and depict the evolution of not only art but the evolution of humans as a species. With two top-class collections already available for purchase, the company with its creators is on a mission to provide you with a token that knows your worth.

Our Mission

With our team of world-class artists in a market of opportunists, we aim to create art not just for the sake of art, but art that depicts human values and human emotions, art that portrays the development of ideas and art that shows the evolution of human beings as a species. We aim to create an elite community of people who know the worth of art instead of the pump and dump tokens.


NFT List


NFT Collab




The company has released two unique collections of NFTS as it continuously strives to inject love and respect for art into people’s life. The first collection is a group of 10000 Meta Apes roams the Ethereum chain. It is called Meta Ape Society. We have used anthropomorphic technique to create Ape chefs, Ape doctors, Ape Engineers, and many roles similar to human society. This gives us a powerful voice to tell the story of our human experience. Meta Ape can be used as brand ambassador for human’s knowledge, human’s creations, and human’s daily life.


The second collection, HeroOne contains 2888 uniquely artistic representations of the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. Our artists have drawn inspiration from the color of the Ukrainian flag (blue and yellow), the Ukrainian people, and the Ukrainian leader President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The collection attempts to depict the Ukrainian leader’s heroic efforts to rally both his people and the world to support the Ukrainian fight.